Get some winter sun this December at Dino Falls ;)


Did you know there are so many good reasons why kids need to play outside during winter?

On a nice sunny winter’s day there’s nothing better than getting wrapped up warm and heading out with the little ones, so here’s our top 5 reasons to get out of the house as the temperatures drop:

1.     It’s good for kids’ immune systems

Warm & stuffy rooms are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria (eww!). When kids are outside, there’s a lot more space to run around, they’re getting fresh air and they’re less likely to be in such close contact with others.

2.     New muscles are used

During winter, kids will use different muscles to the ones they use in summer, for example, walking on an icy path means kids need to use their balance and leg muscles more. PLUS – mini golf is excellent for physical, mental and overall health.

3.     It’s a learning experience

Kids build up a lot of their knowledge through play and playing outside in different seasons offers them new experiences. Winter provides kids with the opportunity to jump in the frost or lots of muddy puddles, hold ice in their hands and throw snow balls – not at our Dinos, might we add!

4.     It boosts vitamin D levels – for all!

While we all know the sun can harm us if we get too much of it, if we don’t get any, we can get sick too. Vitamin D helps us to feel happy (as does a round of adventure golf, rumour has it!).

5.     It prevents cabin fever!

We all know what happens when kids are cooped up inside for too long. They go stir crazy and take us along for the ride! Stop this happening by bundling them up and heading outside onto the course to experience mini golf with a Jurassic difference - regardless of the weather!


Andrew Fairley